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Blog は和英両方でお楽しみください \^_^/


English Ver.

Hello everyone! Sody is here!

This is my first English podcast 🎙
I’m a little proud but nervous to release in English, which I have developed only with 5 years of school education and 3 years of daily English conversation (no experience living abroad).

This time, entitled “A Film That Changed My Life,” I introduce, though it is a little short, a film that inspired me to become addicted to films.
Actually, I had never recorded in English, so the tempo and pronunciation were difficult, and even though it was about 5 minutes long, it would take about an hour, so I thought it would be difficult if the language was different.
However, since this is “Sody’s English Entertainment” and “English”, it was a very valuable experience and I will continue to record in English in the future!

By the way, I started to get into films about three years ago (I won’t write its title here because it’ll spoil the podcast), and since then, I recorded logs and stubs of films.

The number of films I watched at the movie theater seems to have been 5 or 6 in 2019, three years ago, and only one in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2021, I watched 7 or 8, and as of May 2022, there are six. I think it’s the first time in my 17-year life that I go to the cinemas once a month so far.

Originally, because I wasn’t the type to go to the movies often and because I watched at home using streaming services or on terrestrial broadcasting, the total number of films I watched is to some extent. Of course, but I went to the cinema itself several times a year.
Two years ago and last year, especially during the pandemic, we were discouraged from going out, so I think I didn’t see much in the movie theaters.

Now that the situation of the pandemic has recovered, I go to the cinema and take the flyer home, which is a common thing for movie fans!

If you have a movie that changed your life or made you like movies, please let us know on Twitter!

Stay tuned for the next post!
See you …


Hello everyone! Sody です!


ただ、”Sody の English Entertainment” と “English” なわけですから、とても貴重な経験になりましたし、今後も英語での収録もしていこうと思います!





ぜひ、みなさんの人生を変えた or 映画好きになったきっかけの映画があれば、Twitter で教えてくださいね!

See you…